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Ghanshyam Urvashi P G College, founded by late ......... into the education arena in the mid 80s by being the pioneers in computer education. Now, with 9 well established College in Allahabad , more than 10000 students and 850 plus highly qualified and dedicated faculty members.

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I am overjoyed to welcome you to this web-site of Ghanshyam Urvashi P G College and I wish to convey the passion and enthusiasm that both staff and students bring to all that they do here, making this College a wonderful place to learn. This College is renowned for the outstanding holistic education that we provide, since we have a strong focus on student academic progress and achievement. We have a well equipped Central Library, besides other departmental libraries, with e-learning facilities as well. The College has a Centre for Computer Sciences with Computer Labs with more than 150 computers; state of the art Media Centre with Recording Studio; a lot of e-learning material on the intranet web-site of the college and a botanical garden in the college campus itself. Students are provided an environment where they are stretched and challenged and have their expectations raised to achieve demanding targets, evidenced in the results where our students perform exceptionally well. I am proud of the brilliant body of teaching staff that we have, engaging the students in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.






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We should always ask ourselves what we can give to our country,
rather than always asking for help from society or from our authorities.
We are the change we have been waiting to see in Malawi's education, for both economic and social development.